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Hello, My name is Kamila and I would like to start a new carrier in interpreting world. I am trying to find out what do I need to do to become one? What qualification do I need and where to gain them? I was trying to find some answers online but most of the websites I gone through don't exactly explain where to start. Could you help me please. Thanks :)

asked 16 Mar '16, 06:43

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Dear Kamila,

Welcome to! There are actually hundreds of websites and blogs that tell you how to become an interpreter in many different ways and by many different channels - i.e. the AIIC and the EU SCIC websites, off the top of my head.

Having said that, with you have definitely hit the jackpot! I invite you to go through the questions that have already been asked and answered. I am sure you will get a quite good overview of what it takes to become an interpreter. Writing some key words in the search engine of the site may help in the process.

Good luck!

(16 Mar '16, 10:28) David

Hi Kamila

This is one place to start looking - AIIC, Advice to students wishing to become interpreters As David says, there are lots more out there.

The first think you need is a normal degree, usually an MA now in Europe.

Before, during or after this you need to have achieved a level equivalent to educated native-speaker in whichever languages you want to work with.

Then you should take a Post-Graduate MA in Conference Interpreting from one of the schools listed in AIIC's Schools Finder. It's not an exhaustive list, but it's got almost all the best schools in it.

Good luck

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answered 16 Mar '16, 15:54

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