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Hi, I'm wondering what other interpreters do during the off-season.

I think interpreters need to develop themselves continuously.

In this regard, I want to do something that can be helpful and beneficial for my career during this off-season.

Any suggestion?

asked 17 Dec '15, 23:31

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  • lots of diverse reading in all your languages
  • listening to various podcasts, audiobooks, radio stations etc. - more than usually
  • picking a specialist topic and getting a specialization (via reading, making glossaries, learning vocab etc.)
  • working on a new C/B
  • practicing interpreting (with recording) to get rid off bad habits picked up in the booth
  • studying vocabulary systematically (e.g. with SRS software)
  • using some advanced vocabulary / language exercise books (there are some available, especially for the most popular languages)
  • practicing your public speaking skills (e.g. joining Toastmasters or a similar organization)
  • choosing your weak points, defining your goals and working towards them (probably using some of the methods listed above)
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answered 18 Dec '15, 08:15

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Thank you very much!

(23 Dec '15, 19:52) KORENG

Hi Daniel,

What Joanna describes would rather be my daily routine. But I probably wouldn't want to do more than that during the off-season at the risk of being bored out of my mind or just end up binge-watching foreign TV shows, pretending that's for self-development only.

During the winter, I'd usually attend CPD events. Partly because my main client allows me to attend for free, partly because it gets me out of the house and gives me the opportunity to see colleagues. With this background, I don't really need to wonder whether the course will really be useful or not. Chances are that a course on any subject will be as helpful as having seen the latest blockbuster, as delegates might mention either of the two during their presentation. So I applied for anything and everything with a keen interest : law, economics & governance, foreign policy, language refreshers, voice coaching, etc.

I'd also try to keep up with what is going on in our profession and in the field of training (e.g. CIUTI or AIIC events). I find it important to know what the trends are, how markets evolve and am also enjoying a casual chat with like minded people. Most of them will have more experience than I do and I appreciate their insights. It nice to see colleagues outside the booth and to have a real conversation with both of your ears available to listen.

During the summer, I'll use the free time for language and cultural immersion. Usually, in the country of the language I don't have a chance to practice on a daily basis nor do have enough online resources to be exposed to the language as much as I'd like to. I'd try to lay my hands on someone who'll be telling me the recent events in national and local politics, the kind of summary and approach you can hardly have by only reading the newspapers and watching the state television. I can do this in a bar with strangers. Or by working (not as a conference interpreter) alongside average Joes with whom I'll be able to discuss current events and hear what's on their mind regarding politics.

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answered 20 Dec '15, 06:26

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Gaspar ♦♦

Thank you so much!

(23 Dec '15, 19:53) KORENG
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