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I am a freelance translator and a private English tutor. The prospect of being an interpreter had not crossed my mind until a few days ago, a what-could-have-been-client got in contact with me, looking for a conference interpreter. (Of course, I was turned down. That conference will be in Zurich. Experienced proffesionals only, I s'pose)

So I spent the next few days looking for online training programs for interpreting, and so far, none of them has my native language; Indonesian. Does this mean, I should simply settle for certification program in my country? I highly doubt such certification would be recognized...

Also, I understand that ATA certification is the best, most recognized, most powerful piece of paper among others (correct me if that's not true though). But that's for translators, no? Is there any specifically for interpreters? As in, as powerful as ATA?

Thank you very much, any input will be highly appreciated. Cheers~~

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Vincent Buck


I suggest you contact ISIT Paris. They may be able to help.

(21 Nov '15, 05:15) David

The AIIC Schools Directory lists one school as teaching conference interpreting into, and out of, Indonesian - Monash in Melbourne, Australia

And the AIIC Directory of Conference Interpreters lists one AIIC member interpreter working with Indonesian in Indonesia. There are others in Kuala Lumpar and Singapore. Get in touch with them, they might be a good source of advice!

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I realise it's a bit late, but I would definitely suggest looking into Monash University. The degree isn't specifically in conference interpreting, but much of the coursework is focussed on simultaneous and consecutive speech interpreting. Not only that, but you would be eligible for NAATI accreditation upon successful completion of the course and final exams. NAATI is quite selective and should be recognised throughout Asia and Oceania, at the very least.

That being said, it isn't specifically for conference interpreting, even if it doesn't comprise a major component of the course, and languages like Indonesian are only offered if there are at least two students.

In any case, it's worth a try.

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answered 16 Feb '16, 22:53

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Dear Jbeagley, better late than never. I see now that Monash University is indeed my best option. Thank you for the information, cheers man :))

(17 Feb '16, 02:30) Prior

Actually, I've just realised that University of New South Wales also offers Indonesian, and you would be able to study just interpreting there, whereas as Monash there is only a combined translation/interpreting degree. UNSW was also offering scholarships last year, so that could be even more interesting for you than Monash.

RMIT also offers an interpreting degree for Indonesian, but you aren't likely to get much conference interpreting there.

(17 Feb '16, 02:40) jbeagley
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