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Hello everyone,

I really struggle with numbers in French, esp at top speed. Can anyone recommend any links, podcasts etc. where I can just practice writing down and interpreting lots of numbers? Stocks and shares?

Thank you in advance.

asked 13 Nov '15, 03:37

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Your best bet would be to go onto any French company's site that presents their annual report for shareholders in video or audio format. Banking presentations would also work.

The UN has recordings in their various languages for a short time before keeping the English versions - their more technical conferences that mention lots of UNSC resolutions could be useful. COP21 is coming up in Paris, and they will be discussing some numbers, though it most likely won't be a hugely number rich environment. The UN gives you not only numbers but with unfamiliar accents as well.

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answered 13 Nov '15, 06:33

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I had the same problem with French. What I did was generating long lists of numbers (I used MS Excel for that) and putting them into text-to-speech software (I used Ivona).

Obviously, this won't replace interpreting/writing down numbers from real recordings: the variety of accents and voices, natural prosody and, most importantly, writing numbers that have an actual meaning (and units). However, I found this approach pretty efficient.

The best thing about this method is that you can target your specific problems and increase the difficulty step by step. I used various sets of numbers, including:

  • max. 2-digit
  • 60-99
  • max. 3-digit
  • dates (1000-2015)
  • dates (1700-2015)
  • max. 4-digit
  • 1000s
  • millions vs. thousands

As I could control the speed and the length of pauses between numbers, I could always generate an exercise that was challenging for me, yet manageable. And it wasn't as boring as it may sound ;).

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answered 18 Nov '15, 19:04

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