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I am an AV tech with strong translation systems background, currently editing video. In a particular event regarding China and one european country, i am in doubt about editing out the chinese (mandarin) consecutive interpreter. The client, an university, has given zero feed on the issue.

asked 05 Oct '15, 07:15

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...IMHO it would depend on what the client wants, ie if they want the original language only you'd be safely able to edit out the colleague's interpretation, if they want both you should keep it :-) - you may want to remind the client, should they want the interpretation to live on, that a disclaimer should be inserted stipulating that the original is the only authentic version, the interpretation having been preserved to aid understanding... or words to that effect :-). It goes without saying that the client should have made sure that the interpreter's copyright has been duly signed over.

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answered 05 Oct '15, 09:17

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edited 05 Oct '15, 09:21

Thank you, msr! In the meantime I've checked with some interpreter friends of mine what's the current use over here, and they all agree with me. Also, makes perfect sense regarding the video timming. The spirit of the event is preserved, being an edited register of the meeting, not full duration. Nevertheless, if the chinese counterpart of the meeting wants the video, I can make an edit for them or send them the roughs. Everybody's happy.

(06 Oct '15, 05:32) bassworx
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