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I am considering to look for a tax advisor. Do you have one? Are there tax advisories specialized in dealing with conference interpreters? Do you know if they charge much? Do they charge according to your income? Any tips?

asked 24 Sep '15, 05:31

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Hi David, I think it makes sense to use a tax advisor/accountant. If I were to prepare my tax return myself it would probably take me 3 days and I still wouldn't know if I did it correctly (-> financial and legal consequences). Having said that, I live in Germany which is said to have the most comprehensive and complex tax law/system in the world. I met my tax advisor when she was still employed at a larger tax advisory. She set up her own business after she had done my taxes for 3 or 4 years and we agreed with her former employer that she was allowed to continue to look after me. Now that she had familiarized herself with the business of a CI I recommended her to more colleagues and that is how she is now specialized in the tax matters of our type of business. The gross amount that she charges me is about 1.5 times my daily fee as a CI for the entire yearly tax return. However, in Germany we need to report our p&l figures on a monthly basis for VAT purposes, I do that without her support, because I find it helpful to keep track with my figures and bookeeping anyway.

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answered 11 Oct '15, 11:29

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Thank you, Julia!

(28 Oct '15, 15:58) David

Definitely! I live in the US, and it's a giant free-for-all with taxes every year. I have an accountant do my taxes, he knows everything, and I trust him to do his job. So far he hasn't let me down and it is well-worth the price of having him prepare my taxes every year.

I also use a small business accounting software on my own to track my expenditure and income, who owes me what, when, and it is also an incredibly useful and affordable tool. When I do my annual taxes I usually spend 1-2 whole days going through all of that to make sure I"m not missing anything, then bring it all into my accountant, who appreciates the organization (and charges far less for it).

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answered 12 Oct '15, 12:59

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Thank you, Ines! Could you please tell me the name of the accounting software you use?

(28 Oct '15, 15:59) David

David, I use Quickbooks. There are similar programs you might prefer, but I like it a lot.

(01 Nov '15, 07:32) InesdC

Hi David,

Many freelance interpreters in Paris have an accountant. Indeed some accountants are semi-specialised and have lots of interpreter clients. The accountant offers advice on the minefields of tax, deductibles social security and does some of the donkey work as well. I don't know what they charge but it can't be that much or people wouldn't use them - a few hundred euro for the year's work I suppose (which is done in a few hours once a year when the tax declaration is due). Drop me a line if you want a name in Paris.

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answered 24 Sep '15, 07:24

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edited 24 Sep '15, 09:00

Thank you very much for your answer, Andy! I am not living in Paris at the moment, so I guess I will need to find an accountant in my country of residence. Thank you anyway! ;)

(24 Sep '15, 11:03) David
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