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Hi, Although I am fluent in Spanish, my Portuguese has fallen somewhat by the wayside. I need to brush up on my grammar and listening skills. If anyone could recommend any good websites where I can be tested on my grammar, and any good TV shows that have subtitling or at least a transcript next to the image, I'd be very grateful. Many thanks, Jack

asked 27 Aug '15, 11:09

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Jack Taylor

Hi Jack,

The Camões Institute has some resources online. They may be too basic for you, but they also have some distance-learning courses at an advanced level. Have a look at their website.

What I used to do (and still do) was watching the news on RTP and some Portuguese TV series, such as Conta-me como foi. You can watch that one online. Unfortunately, I do not think you can find it with subtitles. However, that series is really interesting if you want to get to know about the recent history of Portugal. If you want to know about the not-that-recent history of the country, you will find plenty of documentaries on Youtube.

Another resource you can use is the TEDx platform, browsing the talks by language. This is the link to the talks in Portuguese. The talks are in general very interesting and their length is perfect for sim practice. Again, you may not find subtitles, but still I think this resource can be very useful if you want to enhance your listening skills. Most of the talks you will find are in Brazilian Portuguese, but I personally believe that practicing with both BrPT and PtPT from the very beginning is better than focusing on only one variety. Of course you also have Angolan PT, Mozambican PT, etc. All will depend on the market you want to work in.

French radio station RFI also broadcasts in both BrPT and PtPT about current affairs, culture, etc., and BBC has a space devoted to PT learning with lots of resources you can use.

Last but not least, if you enjoy watching films, I suggest you explore the Brazilian and the Portuguese cinema. I am sure you will be able to find films with subtitles. The last one I watched was Que horas ela volta? (or The Second Mother, in English), directed by Anna Muylaert. I loved it. Central do Brasil (or Central Station) and Cidade de Deus (or City of God) are amongst my favorites.

This si what comes to mind at the moment. Needless to say there are hundreds of speeches online, but I don't think this is what you are looking for right now. I am sure some other colleagues will give you more answers. I hope this helped, tho.

Good luck!

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answered 27 Aug '15, 17:15

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thanks very much - RFI has proved to be a great resource. I have listened to the 12 minute daily news broadcast every day since you told me about it.

(02 Sep '15, 12:26) Jack Taylor
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