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Hello everybody!

In October, I’ll move back to Paris and I’d like to do some interpreting practice (consecutive, simultaneous and sight translation). I was wondering if anyone knows about a practice group in Paris or if anyone is keen to set up one. I am pretty new on the Parisian market and I’d like to get in touch with some local interpreters. My working languages are A: Italian B: French and English.

Thank you for your help. Carolina

asked 27 Aug '15, 05:44

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Hello Carolina,

I suggest you contact the two Parisian schools (ESIT and ISIT). Introduce yourself and tell them about what you are looking for. They may have students with your languages who could be interested in having you during their training sessions. It is a first step.

Good luck!


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answered 27 Aug '15, 17:25

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Thank you very much David for your suggestion! I will definitely do it and see how I go.
Have a nice day. Carolina

(01 Sep '15, 05:37) Carolina
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answered 29 Aug '15, 02:20

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Good afternoon Andy,

Thank you very much for your advice. I will definitely get in touch with Mr Bodi. I would like to ask you something else. On one of your previous comments, published on 19 May 2012, you say, “For anyone starting in Paris you could add "Join, or go and introduce yourself to, a Secretariat"*Interpreter groups with a joint secretarial office for coordinating and managing recruitment.” I had a look online but I didn’t find much. Could you please give me some additional information?
Thank you in advance. Carolina

(01 Sep '15, 06:54) Carolina

Maika de Riocour runs one of the few secretariats, +, interpretesconference @ (And yes, it's astounding that none of the secretariats can be found online! But that's a discussion for another day;))

(01 Sep '15, 07:14) Andy

Thank you so much Andy! You have been very helpful!

(01 Sep '15, 10:15) Carolina

Hello! Another secretariat is Sandrine Strauch, at + or

(09 Sep '15, 08:46) JuliaP

Thank you very much Julia! That's great!

(09 Sep '15, 13:01) Carolina

Bonsoir Carolina,

je serai étudiante à l'ESIT à partir d'octobre.

Ma combinaison :


DE / EN / IT - C

Si cela t'intéresse, voici mon adresse mail:

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answered 05 Sep '15, 18:32

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Bonsoir Lorraine, je te remercie pour l’intérêt ! Je vais t'écrire un mail. A très bientôt. Carolina

(09 Sep '15, 13:02) Carolina

Hi Carolina, I know that your question was posted some time ago now so I hope that you have settled into the Paris market and that everything is going well for you. I moved here a few months ago and would definitely be up for practising together, let me know if you want to grab a coffee and organise a practice! Ele :)

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answered 15 Feb '18, 07:21

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