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I have seen that the Master in Conference interpreting at the University of Granada does not figure among the AIIC list of schools.

Does anyone have any references? Is it not recognised by the organisation?

Do you feel that the Master's choice is capital or that the professional training that comes afterwards is more important?

Thank you

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Is it not recognised by the organisation?

[the] directory does not constitute a recommendation by AIIC. Users are invited to use this Directory to compare the information provided by interpreting Programmes with all of AIIC's recommended best practice criteria.

The school directory doesn't promote or recognize any given programme. It's merely a (not fully comprehensive) database with relevant information that you should compare to best practices in teaching. Granada might fulfill all of the basic criteria, yet simply not figure in the database because the school didn't apply. Or maybe it doesn't meet the basic criteria and that's why it isn't listed. Either way, you can get in touch with the school and ask them about who is teaching and how they teach.

This being said, I have heard little about Granada, while La Laguna seems to have a rather good reputation. A blog worth reading:

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answered 07 Jun '15, 16:30

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