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I've already seen a few posts around similar to this one, but I thought I'd get it out there anyway. :)

I am currently studying a BA of linguistics, and planning to go into conf.interpreting afterwards. My language combination at the moment would be A-Ger, B-En, C-Sp/Fr. I am native German, and have been living in Spain for 3 years now. I havn't lived in an English speaking country for a continuous period of time, but plan to go to California next year (if everything works out, touch wood!).

I have been looking at Masters here in Europe (mainly France, Spain, maybe Germany or Switzerland). I havn't found a university with opportunities to study to C languages at the same time, are there any?

How does it work if you want to later add a language?

My French is not good enough yet to count as a "real" C; I have classes in university and should finish on a C1-level (in 2 years time), but feel that I need a lot more practice. I have seen on the EU webpage that certain languages are "sought-after", and been thinking about maybe adding Swedish as another C? It is fairly similar to German, so hopefully it wouldn't pose much of a problem.

Thanks everybody!

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Mit DE A würde Germersheim Sinn machen. Eventuell auch Genf oder Heidelberg.

EN B ist für den privaten Markt ganz gut. ES & FR C würden Dir die Gelegenheit geben, dich auch bei der EU zu bewerben. Das sind immerhin schon drei Fremdsprachen. Schwedisch würde ich mir für einen späteren Zeitpunkt aufheben, falls es mit dem Studium und der EU-Akkreditierung klappen sollte - mal ganz davon abgesehen, dass die Sprache im EU-Alltag nicht besonders gebraucht wird.

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