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Hi, I have recently on the EU webpage found the EMCI programme with only a few universities offering it. I'm wondering what the difference of the EMCI programmes are compared to other masters in conf.interpreting?

Thank you!

asked 30 Apr '15, 08:28

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In a nutshell: EMCI schools follow a set of criteria / best practices in conference interpreter training.

the promotion of knowledge through wider access to specialist education and of the objective of improved employability through the acquisition of specialist competence, this programme is designed to equip young graduates with the professional skills and knowledge required for conference interpreting.


The member institutions shall pursue a common policy on student recruitment and assessment, based on the aims of the programme and on the Quality Assurance criteria, as laid down in the Quality Assurance Standards, which underpin the core curriculum. The participants aim to contribute to spreading good practice across Europe.

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answered 30 Apr '15, 08:58

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Thank you, Gasper.

I guess I'm wondering whether it's worth going for one of the EMCI courses or not. It would mean I'd have to move country (I am currently living in Spain), which I am not sure I want to atm.

So, just to clarify. Does an EMCI course give me a noticeable advantage on the market? Would it help me to get into the EU?

Thanks in advance!

(30 Apr '15, 09:08) Liz

Since you have DE as an A language, studying in Germany or Switzerland would probably be better than doing a course in Spain. If you have the right languages for the EU (3 Cs or 1B + 2Cs being the minimum to start a career and make a living), your chances will most likely be better if you do an EMCI course.

(30 Apr '15, 18:03) Gaspar ♦♦

Yes, doing an EMCI course is worth it. This type of degree is considered more prestigious (therefore, it will be easier to get a job) both in Europe and outside of it.

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answered 04 May '15, 08:20

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Anyuli Ináci...

Yes, every country in Europe seems to have its own EMCI course. In general, it's about the only way to get the skills and your foot in the door.

There are a few exceptions- In France I don't believe ISIT and ITIRI are officially EMCI courses though both also have good training and reputations.

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answered 04 May '15, 13:20

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Thank you, Anyuli and Ines. This helps a lot in deciding for the EMCI courses! ;)

PS Ines: ISIT offer EMCI as well, as far as I have seen. :)

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answered 07 May '15, 08:41

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