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I am about to graduate from college here in the States and speak both fluent Korean (reading and writing is a little hard but I can do up until a middle school level, speaking is near perfect with no accent) and of course English is my primary language so I can read write and speak with no problems.

I am Korean but came here when i was four, now looking to go back to find job either as an interpreter or a high school english teacher.

I do not know anyone in Korea though so wanted to know how to become either of these jobs and how to apply. I know alot of Koreans are now learning English as a young child in Korea and a lot of Americans move there to teach. Are people like me, fluent in both, still needed in high demand or will I have to fight with a lot of competition?

Thank you for your time and hope to hear replies!

asked 27 Apr '15, 15:30

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teaching languages and interpreting are two jobs that require (much) more than merely speaking two languages if you want to make a lifelong career in either of them.

If you want to become a public servant / high school teacher, you'll probably have to do your mandatory civil or military service and have a relevant M.A. degree - but I guess you can do your research concerning these requirements better than I could.

Regarding interpreting, here are your options:

  • Master's Degree at Ewha Womans University Graduate School of Translation and Interpretation

  • Master of Arts in Conference Interpretation (MACI) or Master of Arts in Translation and Interpretation (MATI) in Monterey (MIIS) Graduate School of Translation, Interpretation and Language Education

  • Master of Professional Studies in Interpreting, with a Specialization in Conference Interpreting or Public Service/Community Interpreting, Graduate Studies in Interpreting and Translation, University of Maryland

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answered 27 Apr '15, 16:08

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