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J'aimerais savoir à quelle fréquence l'ONU organise des tests d'accréditation pour les interpètes indépendants? Qu'en est-il du concours pour être permanent?


asked 15 Apr '15, 06:30

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answered 15 Apr '15, 06:39

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Merci mais malheureusement l'interprète en question ne parle que du test pour les anglophones. Si vous avez plus d'informations sur les test pour la cabine française, je suis preneuse ;)

(15 Apr '15, 06:46) Saph

first of all that there is no hard and fast rule to freelance testing at UNOG, and thus no website where you can read about a UN testing policy (and also bear in mind that a freelance test and the Language Competitive Exam for recruiting staff interpreters are very different things and have different requirements).

Before deciding whether to test, each booth assesses its language and staffing needs and the availability of accredited local freelancers, both of which can change over time and can therefore affect a decision as to whether or not to test, how many candidates to admit to the tests and with which language combinations. (...)

Interested candidates must therefore contact their respective heads of booth to find out the requirements for their booth and language combination.

(16 Apr '15, 08:37) Gaspar ♦♦

Merci. Je trouve qu'ils devraient s'inspirer de la FAQ du SCIC, que je trouve bcp plus exhaustive que le site internet unlanguages. Mais merci Gaspar ;)

(16 Apr '15, 10:17) Saph

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