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I am looking for any information about the application process (especially translation tests) and the job as such. I have already read all the information at the official website as well as two interviews with the head of the language services but I have yet to find any impressions of former applicants (or anything about the job at all, which would not be an official statement).

(Answers are welcome in EN, DE, PL, FR, ES, NL, SV.)

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This film, The Whisperers, is a documentary which follows 3 interpreter around for an average working day. One of them is a staff interpreter at the Germany foreign ministry - not exactly what you were after but perhaps interesting all the same

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answered 02 Apr '15, 13:22

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Thanks! I watched this movie twice a couple of years ago but I didn't remember it featured that staff interpreter.

Funnily enough, now that I am watching the movie once again I see how much my point of view has changed in the meantime :). The story I remembered the best was the one about the young ETI student/graduate (including the part with the phone booth and getting the first assignment :)) - obviously, that's whom I identified myself with. Now I find myself wondering what kind of earphones the interpreters are wearing (shopping for my first professional headphones now)... and I feel like the film shows the reality of my profession (a more spectacular one, but still), and not some fascinating, yet remote world.

Nice to watch the movie that once upon a time encouraged me to pursue this kind of career in the first place. :)

(02 Apr '15, 16:18) Joanna

Hi Joanna,

If you're looking for specifics of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, why not contact former applicants directly? In the AIIC Interpreter Finder you can look for staff interpreters in Germany (make sure you check "Also include interpreters who are permanently employed"). There are currently 6 interpreters listed who are staff and at least one of them works in the Foreign Ministry.

Good luck!

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answered 08 Apr '15, 10:29

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