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I kept the title rather general so the contributions in this thread can be useful for a wider group of people. However, my question is a little bit more specific:

Is there any organization in Portugal or in the rest of Europe in which you can do some dummy-booth practice from PT?

Thank you very much in advance.

asked 19 Mar '15, 17:01

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Hi David

Dummy booth practice is by and large only feasible - as in you'll have allies within the walls who can navigate the red tape for you - in organisations with staff interpreters... and booths to spare, of course :-).

I'm sorry to tell you that no organisation in Portugal has staff interpreters... and the very few who may occasionally have a spare booth, would probably not be willing to let you use it for a number of reasons; as to conference centers, it's probably even worse insofar as they rent rooms out - with booths - to conference organisers, ie you would have to overcome two separate sets of hurdles.

I'm afraid I do not know what the exact rules are for dummy booths in Brussels these days, but I suspect you'll find it difficult to be allowed in as a free agent, ie un-attached to a University.

You'll find some resources for PT (and other languages, of course) in this earlier wiki ... good luck! :-)

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answered 19 Mar '15, 18:59

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edited 19 Mar '15, 19:00

Thank you, Msr! :)

(21 Mar '15, 17:59) David

Salut David !

A ma connaissance, tu peux faire un stage d'observation / de cabine muette de 2-3 jours à la Commission européenne, à la discrétion du chef de cabine de ta langue A.

La demande doit être motivée, et suivant la politique locale, tu dois éventuellement aussi avoir un profil intéressant pour l'UE.

Il arrive que certains chefs d'unité acceptent la présence de gens (convaincants) qui ne font que réfléchir à la possibilité de commencer des études en interprétation.

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answered 19 Mar '15, 19:46

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Gaspar ♦♦

Merci pour ces infos, Gaspar ! À bientôt ! ;)

(21 Mar '15, 17:59) David
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