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Hello, I downloaded Anki a couple of years ago and was really pleased with it (especially the 'scratch card' revision mode on the iphone was quite cute). OK, it was a gimmick but still 'nice to have'/play around with.

Still, for some reason I did not really use it on a regular basis.

Recently, I had another go at it. Unfortunately anki seems to have gone seriously downhill since the 2012 version due to various 'updates'. Now the scratch card mode is gone and you get various revision modes where the system only lets you do a limited number of revisions per day (after each answer you have to click whether you are happy with your answer or whether you want to repeat it again in 2 or 3 days which is really boring if you are going through lengthy lists and have to make that selection after each answer).

Does anyone have a flashcard alternative? I downloaded 'flashcard deluxe' but it does not have the scratch card mode and - like anki - is not capable of importing word table glossaries. Not knowing what might happen to my data I also feel uncomfortable about the fact that I need to upload csv files to my user account for synchronization purposes.

asked 16 Mar '15, 14:17

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Tanja, what was the "scratch card" revision mode exactly? I've been using Anki for a long time, wasn't a fan of the updates either but I don't remember missing any specific functions/modes.

(16 Mar '15, 20:45) Joanna

Joanna, instead of flicking the card to show the answer you just swiped your thumb over the masked lower area of the screen to reveal the answer The effect was something like this

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answered 18 Mar '15, 04:12

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I worked with a colleague who revised their pre-prepared vocab for the meeting on i-Flash. It looked really useful.

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answered 18 Mar '15, 06:04

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I would upload a screenshot for you but the site won't let me. Any ideas admins? I get this message "Error uploading file. Please contact the site administrator. Thank you. [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/home/ubuntu/osqa/root/forum/upfiles/0_iFlash_Flashcard_App_with_sound_copy.jpg'"

(18 Mar '15, 06:05) Andy

Ah, thank you so much Andy - there is a free download link for a 15 day trial version. It seems to have different memorization modes which would be an improvement over Anki!

(20 Mar '15, 16:03) Tanja

I'm surprised so many of you seem to dislike Anki. I'm a huge fan.

Are you using it on your iPhone or on the computer? If you're using it on the computer, there are hot-keys, so you can just hit 1, 2, 3, or 4 to answer a question more quickly.

You can also change all of the revision mode settings yourself. You can set the number of new cards to see, the number of cards to review on a particular day. If you go into "Custom Study," there's also an option to "Study by card state or by tag" and under that is an option to study all cards in a random order called "cram mode", which sounds like exactly what you want.

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answered 22 May '15, 21:54

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