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It's the second time I've been asked to interpret for promotional videos. Case A: you a get a video, you translate it simultaneously at home, you record your performance and send it to the client, who will then use your voice to dub the video. Case B: you are physically present at interviews that are being filmed, you interpret simultaneously (no booth, no headphones), client records your performance and uses your voice to dub these video interviews that will be featured in a promotional video.

I turned down these jobs because I don’t think this is a good practice. In fact, this shouldn’t be an interpreting assignment at all. What you'd normally do for promotional videos is get the original script, translate it, adapt it to fit length/synch points and then have a VO talent read it. Am I being too fussy?

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Whist this isn't conference interpreting per se, a few interpreters routinely do what you describe, with the exception that their rendition of the original is always (heavily) edited in post-production. Some interpreters even do the audio editing themselves.

I have described the process in Exploring media interpreting. See my comments about ARTE's do-it-yourself system for voice-overs at the bottom of the page.

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... I remember a rather amusing instance - amusing because my stress due to an impending flight contrasted sharply with the suave "quarter to midgnight" tone of voice required - a good many years ago when a sound engineer asked me - "on bended knees", as it were, because their client was arriving shortly, unexpectedly - to go from the conference venue where we were working to their studio, between the closing ceremony and my flight, and record my sim. interpretation of a promotional video for a major hotel chain, about to open a unit in the city where we were. They put me in a sort of régie, where I watched the short video in question twice and then proceeded to intepret it, using headphones to get the original sound, extolling the virtues of the chain's hospitality against a backdrop of tropical paradise islands and the like :-)... all the while checking my watch to make sure I'd still catch the flight :-) !

Probably not a run-of-the-mill instance but still acceptable, I thought, because the technical conditions were ok and we do do it, whenever we're asked to interpret a video during a conference and - if lucky - get to see it once before doing it.

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Can you interpret it simultaneously, have it put on a transcript, and read out a cleaned up version of your interpretation? I've heard of interpreters doing this for French TV programs.

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