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I've been doing a lot of research about translating and interpreting lately, as I'm pretty sure this is the job I want to do (at least translation, I'm a bit less sure about interpreting). I found this document about language profiles for the UE (, and there is something I don't understand ... For some languages, Arabic and Russian are "elegible as a C language" ; why ? I suppose it wouldn't be useful for simultaneous in the Parliament for example, would it ? So, in what contexts would AR and RU be useful ?

All answers in FR, EN, IT, ES and PL are welcome !

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Oops, I hadn't seen the other thread, I'm sorry ! But thank you for your answers anyway !

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This question has already been asked here:

Why has the EU made Russian and Arabic priority languages?

In a nutshell, the EU does have official contacts every now and then with Russian speaking countries as well as the Arabic world. And they'd rather have people available who they did have a chance to test for their professional competence and hence can trust.

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"Why?" is a very good question! The institutions seem currently to want to have interpreters, both staff and freelance, with these C languages on their books. However, the languages (and the interpreters) are rarely used and there is certainly no guarantee that you'll be in the very few meetings with those languages when they happen. (AR & RU booths would be recruited for any such meeting, and they usually do a retour anyway, so they are recruited to do the retour as well, so the interpreters with RU & AR C don't work from those languages). If you have RU & AR together with EU languages then it might be a way of getting yourself noticed, but if you like actually working from them then the EU is not where you want to be.

(NB as has been said in other threads here AR as C is also no use to you at the UN as the Arabic booth always work back into a retour language. RU however is used as a C language at the UN.)

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answered 18 Feb '15, 10:49

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