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Hi! I first applied for the EU accreditation test in 2008 but didn't meet the official requirements as my languages at the time were Pl (A), En (B) and Ru (C). I have re-applied a few time since, adding Es (C) and also, having lived in Romania for two years, Ro (C). Do you think I stand a chance of ever getting invited? What could boost my chances? I'm losing hope. I offer a good retour from Pl. I HAVE heard there are a lot of interpreters with Pl in EU.



asked 17 Feb '15, 17:34

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edited 20 Feb '15, 06:39

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Delete ♦

Like Gaspar says, write an e-mail to the heads of the Polish booths at the Commission and the Parliament.

There is no real demand for new Polish interpreters at the moment (I am one of those unlucky ones, accredited after the Polish EU presidency...) but your combination does seem interesting, especially with Romanian. Which university have you graduated from?

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answered 20 Feb '15, 15:50

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Your current language combination is in demand, despite the fact that the PL booth doesn't have urgent needs to recruit. Meaning you could get tested but not get plenty of work. There is a test on September 5th. Try to remind the Joint management of external conference interpreting staff and the head of the PL booth about your existence and availability to be tested with your new combination and/or reapply if needed.

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answered 17 Feb '15, 17:45

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Gaspar ♦♦

Thank you for this. That's really surprising. How could I remind the Joint management of my existence? So far I've been only adding some documents to my online profile and have been in communication with the person in charge of my file. Is there a specific person I could write to (apart from the head of the Pl booth). And yes, I will definitely re-apply.

(17 Feb '15, 17:59) Lena

If you received a notification (usually sent by the Joint management) that your language profile [was] not in line with current EU requirements, you can reply to that e-mail and let them know that your combination changed since.

An e-mail to the heads of unit (both Parliament and Commission) might be a good thing too, to find out what their assessment is regarding their approximate needs and your possible workload, should you pass the test.

(18 Feb '15, 05:25) Gaspar ♦♦

Gaspar je viens de jeter un coup d'oeil au calendrier. En fait, dans un autre sujet sur ce forum tu disais que les 3 langues peuvent être testées le même jour...Or, sur le calendrier je vois FR step2, donc j'imagine que l'accréditation se fait en plusieurs étapes...Pourrais tu nous éclairer la dessus? Merci beaucoup.

(31 Mar '15, 07:19) Saph

A l'heure actuelle et sauf erreur de ma part, dans le cas du concours, catégorie AD7 (trois langues C), les trois langues sont évaluées le même jour.

Dans le cas de l'accréditation freelance, pour les cabines qui requièrent trois langues minimum, on procède en deux étapes, l'accréditation n'étant acquise que si l'ensemble des épreuves est réussie.

(31 Mar '15, 07:25) Gaspar ♦♦

Ah d'accord. En effet, tu parlais des permanents et je ne l'avais pas remarqué. Désolée. Moi qui pensais que l'interprète travaillait quelques semaines après ses premières épreuves...Le doigt dans l'oeil. Il y a quand même pas mal de temps qui s'écoule entre les deux épreuves. Tu sais pourquoi? Et l'interprète accrédité commence à travailler effectivement quand? Merci Gaspar

(31 Mar '15, 07:35) Saph
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