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Hello everyone! I had a question regarding the "Mestrados" (II Ciclo) at the School for interpreters and translators of Lisbon. I cannot understand why, when i click to the link, it leads me to the webpage of the university of Macau. Is this school in Lisbon or in Macau? Sorry if this question may seem stupid, but I do not know anyone to ask to. Thanks in advance.

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...the Lisbon course is going through a rough patch: the regular EMCI did not open, this year... it's anybody's guess whether it will next year... and where, if at all. To the best of my knowledge, there are still a few people in the 2nd year - the one granting a Portuguese MA - which the 1st year/EMCI did not... because it only lasts for one year as opposed to the prescribed two. As to why Macau, again to the best of my understanding, because the Universidade de Lisboa - through one of its schools, FDL, where the EMCI resided - also started running such an MA in Macau this academic year, 1st semester common to T & I, thereafter separate - I'm told nobody went into the 2nd semester, for interpreting.

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Lisbon does not offer the course this year. That might explain the odd redirection to another website.

Interpretação de Conferência

O curso de Mestrado não abrirá no ano lectivo de 2014-2015

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answered 09 Feb '15, 17:05

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