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Hi all! Does anyone have any info on how entry exams are scored at ISIT (or really any entry exams for that matter, I'm guessing that they're all similar)? Also, how important are your high school grades when looked at along with everything else? Thanks in advance

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At ISIT, the admissibility exam consists of 6 multiple-choice tests: 2 on French listening comprehension, 2 on English listening comprehension, plus French and English general knowledge tests. The listening comprehension tests include 10 questions and are worth 10 points each; the general knowledge tests include 20 questions and are worth 20 points each. The standard for admissibility is as follows:

"Sont admissibles, les candidats ayant obtenu : -Une note totale supérieure ou égale à 60 -Une note supérieure ou égale à 15 par bloc de compréhension orale -Une note supérieure ou égale à 25 pour le bloc culture générale"

The admissions exam will be different for each candidate depending on his/her language combination, but generally consists of brief interviews in each of your languages, each of which is scored out of 20, and speeches that you have to reformulate in your A or B language, also scored out of 20. I believe the minimum score to obtain for a C language is 12/20, whereas the minimum for a B is 14/20.

I haven't taken the exams at ESIT, but I know their admissibility exam is different (you have to read and answer multiple choice questions on two texts in English and two in French; listening comprehension is not tested), and the minimum score to pass is 13/20. The admissions exam should be very similar to ISIT's.

High school grades are not looked at; you need a college degree in order to apply to most interpretation schools, including ISIT. ISIT asks for your college transcript; ESIT asks for a copy of your college diploma.

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Thank you so much!! Now I can't find the page I was looking at, but I was pretty sure it said that you had to show your Bac notes which I took to mean they would want my equivalent.

(06 Feb '15, 16:55) Lynx

I can't find it either - it looks like they changed their site? In any case, I applied last year and only needed to submit my college transcript. I don't think they care too much about grades (within reason), they just want to know that you have a college degree.

(06 Feb '15, 17:07) permfmt
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