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I'm an English A, Chinese B prospective interpreting student. I have an undergraduate degree in Chinese language and have a high degree of language proficiency, though not quite at the interpreter level yet. I'm really interested in conferencing interpreting and really would like to study in Beijing at BeiWai. However, I know it's not an AIIC school and I've heard mixed reviews about the education quality.

Can those who have attended BeiWai or know how the education is there weigh in and give me some advice on whether or not to pursue a master's degree in conference interpreting at BFSU?

asked 20 Jan '15, 21:12

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You could compare the school's teaching conditions with the AIIC training best practices.

Would this school accept you right after a bachelor in Chinese language and train you with a ZH B?

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answered 21 Jan '15, 06:39

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Thanks for that, Gaspar. I'm not sure what you mean exactly by your second question. I suppose they would accept me? Or maybe I need work experience?

(21 Jan '15, 20:42) Jonny Danger...

Some schools tend to accept students with a language that is supposed to be a B, which turns out to be weaker than the C language of students from other, more recommendable schools. If your B isn't good, your combination won't be worth much.

While I don't know anything about BFSU, you should make sure that the entry level is high enough to allow you to be considered as a worthy biactive colleague once you have to sell your services.

A few threads on this website do mention how difficult it is for a non-native to work on the ZH market, make sure to read those too.

(22 Jan '15, 07:02) Gaspar ♦♦
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