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I know that Beiwai is not recognized by the AIIC for its degrees in conference interpreting. Does that mean if you get a degree there you don't have any chance to join the AIIC later? And is joining the AIIC a must for a conference interpreter?

asked 16 Jan '15, 02:27

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The training you did (or didn't do) doesn't matter. What matters is your experience and respect for professional ethics. The page Who can join AIIC? should answer your questions in more detail.

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answered 16 Jan '15, 02:37

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Thanks so much. I'm actually just considering interpreting as a path of study and career at this point, so I appreciate the response.

(16 Jan '15, 04:42) Jonny Danger...

You can be a conference interpreter without ever becoming an AIIC member. Being an AIIC member may give you access to better interpreting opportunities, but I've never seen any job listing with AIIC membership as an requirement.

Beiwa is NOT an ideal place to study ZH-EN conference interpreting. The students there are too inexperienced, and lack the spoken English quality at the top programs. The professors aren't always experienced conference interpreters either. The best place for ZH-EN conference interpreter training used to be at Shanghai International Studies University when the great Andrew Dawrant was still there. Now it's probably at MIIS or one of those interpreting programs in the UK.

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answered 20 Jan '15, 13:01

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Hi, I totally agree with your comment re. SISU, but I beg to differ on AIIC membership not existing as a requirement for a job. I have seen quite a few RFP or calls for tenders where AIIC membership was a requirement (in particular from agencies who had learnt the hard way and selected the lowest bidder the year before...).

(07 Feb '15, 16:01) Danielle

As long as you meet the AIIC entrance requirements (number of days worked, working conditions, sponsorships), it does not matter where you did or didn't do your training.

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answered 16 Jan '15, 12:23

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