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Can anyone tell me where to find information about the UNOG test for freelance interpreters?

asked 14 Jan '15, 09:20

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Here's the reply I was asked to share, from a colleague who was kind enough to answer the question:


as one of the UNOG staff interpreters in the English booth who is involved in freelance testing, I can tell you first of all that there is no hard and fast rule to freelance testing at UNOG, and thus no website where you can read about a UN testing policy (and also bear in mind that a freelance test and the Language Competitive Exam for recruiting staff interpreters are very different things and have different requirements).

Before deciding whether to test, each booth assesses its language and staffing needs and the availability of accredited local freelancers, both of which can change over time and can therefore affect a decision as to whether or not to test, how many candidates to admit to the tests and with which language combinations. When taking place, freelance tests are always held at a time when the interpretation service is not busy, and in recent years this has always been the first week of January.

Interested candidates must therefore contact their respective heads of booth to find out the requirements for their booth and language combination.

If you are interested in knowing more about the English booth tests, I can tell you that we did hold our freelance tests earlier this month, and admitted 10 candidates. This year we held an initial day of testing from passive French only, and candidates had to pass this stage before being allowed to sit the test from either Spanish or Russian (or both) on the second day. Each language was tested on the basis of two 10' UN-style speeches read out to the candidates, and one 10' improvised speech on a topic of general interest, We do not currently test for consecutive. I hope this is helpful!

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There's a related thread here - UN careers - with some info about the tests

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answered 15 Jan '15, 04:00

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