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I just saw that the interpreting school in Geneva allows ACC combinations.

I wanted to apply as French A, English B and German C, but I am scared my English is not strong enough for a B.

My plan would then be to try to get into Geneva's school as an ACC, and work for a few years until I can transform it into an ABC.

Is that possible ? Have any of you done it ? What are the job prospects as an ACC ?

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Une langue A et plusieurs C, c'est un profil qui n'a cours plus que dans les grandes institutions (UE) et organisations (ONU).

Suite à l'élargissement de 2004, les interprètes de l'UE doivent couvrir plus de langues passives que par le passé. La moyenne en cabine française est aujourd'hui de quatre langues étrangères.

Depuis 2014, les débutants doivent passer le test d'accréditation inter-institutionnel avec 3 langues C minimum (ou un B plus deux C).

Face à l'inflation des diplômés de toutes les écoles qui forment des francophones avec deux langues C, pas loin de dix en Europe, (n')avoir (que) deux langues C, alors que le nombre de clients potentiels se débrouillant en une langue commune et qui donc ne recourent plus aux coûteux services d'interprètes ne cesse d'augmenter, il est difficile aujourd'hui de subsister.

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Gaspar is quite right. Given that language combination I would either work on your English first (with a long stay in an English-speaking country) or add another C language (with a long stay in... ) Then you will have better job prospects either on the private market (AB, or ABC) or in the institutions ACCC

It might be useful to apply to FTI (Geneva) and see what they say about your general aptitude and your English B. Either way it's a win-win option. Either you get in, or you get useful advice about what to work on in order to get in next time. (Or they say you aren't cut out for interpreting at all. Don't waste your time & money. )

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