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Question says it all. I'm looking for a list of German-English false friends, not only single words but also expressions like "it makes sense" (es macht Sinn); "eventually" (eventuell).

asked 02 Feb '12, 05:30

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Vincent Buck

A search unearthed this site. I can't vouch for its accuracy as my high school German isn't up to the task, but it is a fairly long and well organized glossary. See what you think and let us know. A short sample can be seen below.

An annotated German-English Glossary of Common False Cognates and Misleading Expressions

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answered 06 Feb '12, 16:49

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Vincent Buck

dunno if there's something like "sky, my husband" :-) for that language pair.

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answered 05 Feb '12, 09:08

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