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I looked at admission procedures of some schools on AIIC website and all of them have entrance exams, at least the ones in North America and Europe. However, not all of them have representatives from IOs or other recruiters during final exams. Still, isn't there some sort of a hierarchy of schools?

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isn't there some sort of a hierarchy of schools?

Hi Myra, AIIC sets out what we feel are the absolutely essential criteria a school should meet (the 6 points listed at the top of the AIIC Schools Best Practice page. Schools that meet those criteria may appear in the Schools Directory where they are compared against a longer list of more detailed criteria. (A green tick = meets criterion; red cross = doesn't meet)

It is not possible to rank schools for lots of reasons. 1. What is your measure of "success"? What percentage of students graduate? How many graduate? No schools keep a record of how many of their students are still interpreting 5 years after graduation but that would be a better indicator. 2. How do you rank Newcastle in the UK which only teaches ZH-EN against Zurich which teaches a variety of European languages? 3. Some of AIIC's criteria cannot be met for legal reasons in some countries. 4. A school might be brilliant for combinations with German but less good for Chinese. How do you rank that school against a school that is quite good across all languages?

The best thing for prospective students to do is ... 1. judge the school in general on AIIC's general Best Practice criteria (including whether trainers for your languages are conf. interpreters and native speakers) AND 2. specifically for YOUR language combination. If you're asking around about a school's reputation the same thing applies. Ask about its reputation for your language combination. 3. check whether it offers you an entry into a good local market. Teachers recruit and recommend good ex-students! (This has been mentioned elsewhere and is important but doesn't strictly relate to the quality of the school)

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