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Full disclosure: I am not an AIIC member.

Are AIIC members interested in participating in marketplaces that allow them to have a public profile? Some marketplaces will hide contact details and/or full names, and some marketplaces will require that a day rate be published. I'm curious as an outsider what the policies / "omerta" are for such marketplaces.

asked 19 Oct '14, 19:09

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Can you give us an example of the type of online market place you mean. Are you talking about or something like Craigslist?

(20 Oct '14, 04:53) Andy

Some marketplaces will hide contact details and/or full names, and some marketplaces will require that a day rate be published.

Lets assume one can't see my name, which is my brand, and that one can't read about my private clients either (I'm bound by professional secrecy)... would my prospective clients only hire me because I'm the lowest bidder? I'm not sure why that would be appealing for me.

Also, how would I be able to tell a day rate? I'm not paid only for the day I spend in the booth. My day rate will depend on the number of days that one client will be hiring me for, on the topic and on a few other criteria. I don't have one day rate. Just as restaurants don't have just one price for all the dishes and car dealers don't have one price for all their motor vehicles.

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answered 19 Oct '14, 19:45

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Gaspar ♦♦

I find marketplaces difficult, as they tend always towards the bottom - lowest prices, worst conditions.

Usually, I have found that I am able to get good rates through networking and marketing, and conversation. Once I have announced a rate, suddenly I become a commodity, and comparable to everyone else; and since I charge more (usually), what makes me different so that the client wants to hire me at 2X instead of someone else at X? The back and forth of marketing and conversing gives me more leeway to understand exactly what the client needs, and allows me to present my case for being more than just another commodity.

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answered 20 Oct '14, 09:58

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...not to this one, they don't :-). Why? Well, is starts with the very name, I don't have a stall in my neighbourhood market, I therefore see no reason to have one in a virtual version thereof, albeit un-bound by geography.

Marketplaces,as I see them, are dedicated to the buying and selling of wares,produce, not professional services. "Profissões liberais", as they're called in my mother tongue, require a different setting, one where what we offer can be best marketed... and what we offer isn't just our skills as such, but our personalities and worldviews along with them, which is why no two professionals, albeit both excellent, "deliver" the exact same work; to boot, what we do being still rather "esoteric", educating our clients is a very important part of what we do do... and education ill befits the hustle and bustle of sellers competing for the attention of passing strollers, IRL or online.

This view of mine might of course be chalked up to "fuzzydaddyness", including by myself, were it not for my "entomological" observations which bear it out: on several MLs I subscribe to "offers" keep being reported, lifted by other well-meaning subscribers off different marketplaces (and replied to) which I can only describe as... embarassing.

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answered 20 Oct '14, 11:05

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It wouldn't appeal to me either. I find that being a member of AIIC, TAALs, and word of mouth are more than enough to secure work. Moreover, I dislike the kind of haggling that often goes on in these "online marketplaces."

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answered 24 Oct '14, 05:47

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