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Sometimes exit exams may be attended by interpreters from the EU, the UN, the IMF, and other organizations.

If they see that I'm only being tested on an AB combination, do you think I would not be taken seriously? (I ask this because students don't always complete their Master's degree with ALL of their languages.)

Currently, I'm working to add French as a C. Will it be ready AFTER I finish my Master's? Absolutely! And any professional exam that I would sit for, French will be in my combination.

Long-term goal is to become an ACCC, ENG-A ... Spanish, French, German Cs.

Curious to get your feedback.

asked 13 Oct '14, 04:16

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Thanks for the feedback.

Camille: To answer your question about the ABC becoming an ACC issue ... If I have the honor of one day of working for the UN, the combinations are ACCs, unless you're in the Arabic or Chinese booths. That's what I was referring to.

Julia: Thx for the heads up. Appreciate it.

Andy: Great point. And I'll make sure all my teachers know I'm working on French, and I'll make sure the examiners know it, too.

Gaspar: You bring up a good point, too. I'm not planning to start the Master's Degree until the Fall of next year - so we'll see how things go.

Big thanks to everyone.

(14 Oct '14, 03:23) DMP

I don't think you have a choice here. I mean if your French is not a C language yet, it is obvious that you will not be taking the final exam with French. Taking a final exam with a C language that you don't master is simply not an option. You would be wasting the jury's time and making a fool of yourself.

Furthermore, a lot of interpreters have an AB combination. I don't see why they would not be taken seriously. Of course the B language has to be very strong.

I'm confused though: you say your combination is AB but your long-term goal is an ACCC combination. Why would your B become a C?

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answered 13 Oct '14, 07:17

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Camille Collard

Hello! I agree that you should definitely not take an exam with a language that is not yet up to par; and also that you should think carefully about where you will live and what market you will target. Your B language will certainly affect where you will find the most work.

I graduated with an A B C combination in the US, and never ever used my C while I worked on the US market. Only once I started working for international organisations did my C become useful, though my B still gets used as well.

In any case, in any country, even if you become a staff interpreter for an IO, a B language will always be a plus - all private markets use them, and many IOs as well.

All that being said, if you do take your exams with an AB combination only, once you have wowed them with your performance, you can always speak to the jury members from the IOs and let them know your future combination. Moreover, there should also be representatives from the private market present as well, and they may end up having more work for you in the long run.

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answered 13 Oct '14, 09:40

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Hi Dwayne

Thanks for putting your question up here.

I think examiners will 'take you seriously' or not depending on your ability rather than your language combination. So a good AB is going to be taken more seriously than a poor anything.

Of course the representatives of International Institutions are might not be able to offer you work if they are looking for ABC combinations, but that doesn't mean they won't be taking you seriously. With any luck you will have a chance to tell them you have FR up your sleeve and if they like your EN-ES work then they'll be pleased to see you again when your FR is up to scratch.

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answered 13 Oct '14, 11:24

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If you think your FR could be up to C level within a year, why not just start the masters one year later? You'd get more out of it.

Also, which school and which market do you have in mind? What is your B language?

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answered 13 Oct '14, 08:22

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Gaspar ♦♦

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