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Hello Everyone!

I am about to graduate in BA Foreign Languages at the University of Milan and planning to study MA Conference Interpreting (don't know where yet).

My language combination is actually preety strange so I would like you to give me some advice.

Albanian I was born in Albania, I know how to speak, read and write but I wouln't consider it as an A language, I think it would be wiser for me to consider it as a C.

Greek Definitely my mother tongue. I was raised in Greece.

Italian I have been living in Italy for almost 10 years now so even though I am not a native speaker I know how to speak, write and read very well.

English I have been studying english for many years now.

French not so good at it. I have been studying french for 3 years so I still need a lot of practice.

The problem is that I will probably have to study in Italy with an ABC language combination - IT (A), EN (B), FR (C)

I don't really know whether it is wise for me to do so, since I am a greek-albanian native speaker. What is your advice? Is there any chance for me with my language combination?

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If Greek is your A, it doesn't make any sense to study on a course that is tailored for Italian natives.

Also, the market situation for Italian A's is difficult. The minimum requirement in the Italian booth at the EU is 3 C languages as a beginner (and you'd need to add one soon to be able to make a living).

In the Greek booth, 2 C languages are enough to start.

Should you want to stand a chance to get a diploma in conference interpreting and become a conference interpreter, you should study either in Athens or Paris. But bear in mind the risk of your A language not being strong enough right now, if you spent the past ten years in a foreign country.

Once your A is top notch, you'd probably have to brush up your French to have EN, IT and FR as Cs, or make sure your EN is B material. Albanian unfortunately isn't likely to be very useful for conference interpreting.

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answered 27 Sep '14, 06:25

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Thank you for the answer!

Do you by any chance know which university in Paris offers the possibility to study greek? I know that there is a universsity in Strasburg offering that, but I'm afraid I'd have to move in Athens and universities in Greece aren't at their best for now.

(28 Sep '14, 13:40) Alba

These three offer Greek, according to the AIIC school directory:

ISIT, Paris

ESIT, Paris

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

(28 Sep '14, 13:46) Gaspar ♦♦

Thank you very much!!!

(28 Sep '14, 14:41) Alba
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