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A question about "the best headphones" has been asked here and one of the conclusions is that in-ear earphones are bad for your hearing. However, all the not-in-ear/ headset/headphones I've tried are very uncomfortable when wearing glasses, as I do - eg they sit not on the head or ear but on the glasses frame, or squash the ear between headphone and glasses frame. Has anyone seen headphones that sit well while wearing glasses?

asked 15 Sep '14, 11:06

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I really like the Koss SportaPro. First, they have that little foam rectangle above the earphone that means the earphone is not crushing your ear (and glasses). Second, you can lift one earphone so that it doesn't cover your ear at all (that's if you only cover one ear while interpreting). Third, they are very light, cheap and covered under a lifetime warranty. On the downside, for some people, they can be too tight and the rectangle foam thingy becomes torture.

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answered 16 Sep '14, 06:42

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Camille Collard

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Vincent Buck

Thanks Camille.

(16 Sep '14, 09:21) Andy

My favs:

  • AKG K420
  • AKG K403
  • (Update, 10 Nov. 2014) B&O Play Form 2 - small drivers, head band with a large angle, not touching the glasses at all. Price: from 70€ to 120€.

Not a make I retained, but used by many colleagues who have glasses:

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answered 16 Sep '14, 12:05

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Gaspar ♦♦

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Just bought myself the B&O Playform 2. Great headphones. Thanks Gaspar for the tip. It's still bizarre to go back from in-ear to on-ear headphones (they squeeze the head a bit) but I'm hoping it'll be better for my hearing in the long-term. Weird how the price varies so much - and it seems to depend on the colour you choose!

(29 Apr '15, 05:54) Andy

Hi Gáspár and Andy,

Any updates on the B&O Playform 2 headphones? Are you guys still using them and fully happy? I am too considering going back to on-ear headphones after 10 years in-ear B&O.-)

Thanks! Conrado

(27 Nov '15, 04:00) Conrado

I've been using them since, no complaints. :-)

(27 Nov '15, 05:16) Gaspar ♦♦

Beyerdynamic DT 394 SIS

Very flat and big pads so little pressure.

See review at

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answered 03 Dec '15, 22:59

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Cyril Flerov

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