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Community interpreters are particularly prone to stress related disease such as burn-out. Why? Because they often interpret in emotionally challenging situations and because they have to make an extra effort to remain within the limits of their role, keeping professional distance and neutrality. Are you struggling with this? Have you ever considered to see a coach or professional supervisor to help you reflect on your role and professional practice?

I'm asking because in Switzerland a recently established CI qualification system (de/fr/it) provides for interpreters to go to group supervision on a reqular basis for further training and quality assurance. I think that's a very good practice. Some institutions and clinics internally offer similar coaching for interpreters. Has anyone any experience?

asked 27 Nov '11, 16:00

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Thank you very much for the link, was unaware of this... extremely interesting!

(28 Nov '11, 11:55) msr

We have been doing professional supervision for sign language interpreters in the US for a few years now. It is not only a way to deal with occupational stress issues (which we have published about in the past) but also to develop an interpreter's decision-making skills. In this new blog post on Street Leverage, I talk about supervision and our work in the US. I also provide references to scholarship: others within the interpreting profession who are promoting this important professional development tool.

Hope you find it and the references helpful; please share!

Robyn K. Dean, Edinburgh, Scotland

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answered 04 Apr '12, 08:19

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Robyn Dean

+1 Thanks for sharing Great SLI resource.

(04 Apr '12, 08:30) Vincent Buck
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