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I understand there's a rule that provides for some sort of compensation for those missions where you're required to be on call or working for over 12 hours in a day. What are the rules? What form does the compensationtake? And do the rules apply equally to missions for all EU institutions (Commission, Parliament)?

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I'll quote from the AIIC-EU Convention:

2) Tiring missions

a) For the Commission

When, during an itinerant mission, a working day comprises more than 12 hours on duty, the ACI [=the interpreter] will be paid a supplement corresponding to one flat-rate compensatory allowance per day comprising more than 12 hours on duty.

(for the European Parliament it's not applicable because there are no provisions for staff interpreters.)

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answered 23 Nov '11, 13:36

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...I've had occasion to ask for clarification of this rule and the final answer I got was that over 12h (including travelling time) one get's said compensation "automatically", below that duration it depends on the merits of the claim :-), ie the HoT (head of team) should make sure s/he singles out such cases and, for days under 12h but deemed to be tiring, quotes compelling grounds on which the powers that be will base their decision. The inverted commas around automatic are due to the fact that one does not get paid this compensation with one's normal salary, precisely because it goes via HoT report and a decision is later communicated to the paying officer... who only then pays.

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There are limits to what you can accept as well. FVO missions are infamous for starting very early in the morning and finishing very late at night. Inspectors do not always understand why we're being so fussy about having a lunch break. I once had to very forcefully put my foot down, and I willingly confess being staff helped. If you have a feeling something is clearly going overboard during a mission for the Commission, the one thing to do is to call the missions office in Brussels and explain what is going on. Usually they make the necessary phone calls and the client gets a lot more manageable.

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answered 18 May '12, 06:04

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