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As a customer who often relies on Google for searching for an interpreter, there is a lot of misleading, unhelpful, or poor quality search results out there. What have been your experiences with Google searches for interpreters and/or interpretation? How could we as a community improve this?

asked 08 Aug '14, 14:47

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Presell pages are quite annoying. Some of the texts used on presell pages make no sense whatsoever (it's all about keyword saturation and anchor text after all) but quite a few manage to keep up appearances. They often repeat some common misconceptions about the profession, and to an outside observer they unfortunately may seem like a real source of information.

What can we do? If we come across such a website, we can report it to Google, as using such link schemes is a violation of the guidelines. If we use services of SEO companies for our websites, we can try to inquire about their methods (I doubt this would work, though).

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answered 08 Aug '14, 20:15

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What should worry us interpreters most is that only agencies appear in the search results and very rarely individual interpreters. For a profession that often tries and succeeds to work without via agencies this should give pause for thought. (The most obvious reason seems to be that many of us still don't have any sort of website to advertise our services)

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answered 16 Aug '14, 12:50

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If I were a user of interpretation services, I d not rely on Google. There are many reliable associations of professional interpreters, both countrywide and international, unless you hire extremely rare languages globally often.

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answered 27 Aug '14, 20:35

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