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Has anyone completed this university's Master in CI? Would anyone recommend it to an aspiring interpreter?

(no dudéis en contestarme en castellano, francés o italiano)


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Would anyone recommend it to an aspiring interpreter?

Not for someone who has EN as his A language.

Give a look at the Languages taught section in the AIIC school directory.

It's a programme tailored for RO natives, who will do a retour into EN, FR, DE or ES.

For RO into EN, FR & DE, the trainers aren't natives of those languages (but will be RO A).

There is little point in trying to learn the technique with trainers who can't correct the subtleties of your A language.

If you want to learn Romanian, don't expect to learn the language in interpreting school. Only interpreting techniques are taught. You need to have the required level in your working languages already before starting the course.

A student who has studied RO C > FR A there retook a course this year in a French speaking school to get the A language up to level. During the year spent in Cluj, the trainers weren't really able to help or correct the student regarding the French expressions, grammar, style, etc. used. But then again, that doesn't tell anything about the quality of the course, as it wasn't designed for students with any thing else then Romanian A.

And having trained a decent amount of interpreters who now work for the European institutions, the course being co-financed by the Commission and Parliament and the school being a member of the EMCI network, you could assume it's a good one... if you're their target audience.

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