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I have seen that a lot of national or regional associations exist that bring together translators and interpreters. There is the ATA in the USA, the BDÜ in Germany, the ITI or IoL in the UK, and many others. Which do you know of, and which would you recommend interpreters join?

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Vincent Buck

Being German and having moved to Switzerland recently, I'd recommend the VKD (interpreters association within the BDÜ) for Germany and the AIIC in general because it helps a lot when you move abroad.

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En Argentina tenemos a ADICA. La mayoría son miembros AIIC también.


Fundada en 1979, ADICA es la institución de excelencia que reúne a los intérpretes de conferencias asociados de la República Argentina con el objeto de promover las más altas normas de calidad para el beneficio de miembros y clientes. Para lograrlo, la asociación procura:

• Velar por la calidad del desempeño profesional de sus miembros mediante la organización y difusión de actividades de formación

• Hacer respetar su código de ética y los valores profesionales

• Promover y representar los intereses de los miembros en eventos y medios

• Propulsar el respeto de las normas ISO en el equipamiento de sonido a fin de asegurar una excelente complementación entre el equipo técnico y los intérpretes

• Establecer vínculos con organizaciones relacionadas para lograr un enriquecimiento mutuo

ADICA agrupa a los intérpretes más prestigiosos de la Argentina. Están representados los principales idiomas al igual que todos los campos temáticos posibles. La calidad de los intérpretes de ADICA, su profesionalismo e inquebrantable respeto por el Código de Ética son sin duda motivos que hacen de la Argentina una atractiva sede para los eventos internacionales.

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Solo para aclarar que ADICA representa a intérpretes exclusivamente.

(30 Mar '12, 15:08) Laura

I am a member of ATA and love this Organization - I am the LEP Coordinator and Interpreter (Spanish) Supervisor at Department of Social Services in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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3.3k82448 useful thing to keep in mind, when considering joining such an organisation, is that just like the case is in professional practice, translators far outnumber interpreters - and conference interpreters are or course a minority within a minority - so check wether the organisation you're considering joining caters for this, say by having a specific body/instance dedidated to interpreters, lest your voice is drowned out by our fellow written wordsmiths.

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Forgot to name names :-), here they go for Portugal:

  • aiicPT has disbanded its regional association APROFIC;

  • is a local association for CI only, mainly non-aiic (not to be confused with , a Brazilian association);

  • is a union, most affiliates are tourist guides (in PT "guia-intérprete" hence the need to keep explaining that we interpret language, they interpret heritage) etc, about 10% T & I of which a handful of aiic colleagues (the site seems to be down);

  • Translators only;

  • APTIJUR is a recent association for LIT-legal interpreters and translators, no site ;

  • SLI-sign language interpreters: AILGP seems to be no more, two new ones and ANAPI-LG, no site.

(21 May '12, 16:10) msr

Assointerpreti is the national association for conference interpreters in Italy. There are other Italian associations in which there is a mixed membership of interpreters and translators, but Assointerpreti's 170 members are all conference interpreters. The association is organised into regional groups and provides continuing education courses for its members during the course of the year.

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In Brazil, besides AIIC, you should definitely consider joining APIC, Associacao Profissional de Intérpretes de Conferência. ( Ulla

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answered 31 May '12, 06:52

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The Finnish Association of Translators and Interpreters, SKTL, in Finland

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answered 15 Nov '11, 16:26

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Assointerpreti is the national association for conference interpreters in Italy. There are other associations in which there is a mixed membership of interpreters and translators, but Assointerpreti's members are all conference interpreters.

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In Spain, the Spanish region of AIIC is incorporated into ESPaiic. It includes professional interpreters from Madrid and Barcelona, the 2 largest centers as far as conferences (and interpreters) are concerned, and a few more from Seville, Bilbao, Valencia, Granada, Victoria and the islands. You have to join AIIC first to become a member of ESPaiic and be active in the region.

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answered 21 May '12, 14:34

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