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Do you charge simultaneous interpretation by the hour? How do you manage it? I live in a huge city, sometimes it could take me up to 2 hours to get to the venue, it would be ridiculous to charge for just one hour since it could take me up to 4 hours to get in and out. Thank you.

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As a consumer of interpreter services (i.e., I'm not an interpreter myself), I'd be annoyed by an interpreter who wants to charge a lot for travel time. It also complicates my decision of which interpreter to use: should I hire the mid-priced one who wants to charge an extra 2 hours of travel time or the expensive one who lives nearby and probably won't charge travel time?

My suggestion, at least for new clients, would be to not charge for travel time in the situation you describe. Or ask that your actual commuting fees (train ticket or petrol costs) be reimbursed, but that your time need not be reimbursed.

Of course, if you are hired for liaison interpretation or any kind of intercity assignment where you are shadowing a client, then as a client I would expect to pay for this time.

Hope this helps!

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pverdaguer, in complement to MattConger's answer (and btw it's good to have a customer on this Q&A to give us their point of view - welcome Matt!) I would say you pick the price that you think is fair given the travel, the hassle and the preparation. You don't need to itemize it for the client - you can - but you don't need to. So in your example you might charge for 1/2 a day because that's how much it's worth to you. Alternatively this is a potentially lucrative client who might have more work for you in the future. In which case you might want to grit and bear it this time in the hope of getting more, longer work in the future.

(02 Jul '14, 04:26) Andy
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