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Hello everybody,

I am considering changing careers and becoming an interpreter [Spanish/English/French].

However, given the significant investment in both time and money which an MA implies, I would like to take an introductory course first, in order to find out whether 1) I like it enough to make a serious commitment and 2) I am good enough to succeed at it.

Is there ANY introductory course for Conference Intepreting? Ideally in Paris, where I'm currently living, but it could be anywhere in a Spanish/English/French speaking country.


asked 17 May '14, 00:05

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given the significant investment in both time and money

To make a living nowadays, you'd need either to have 3 foreign languages or a very (very!) strong level in one of your foreign languages (called B language, see here: ).

Learning Russian for the U.N. and German or an Eastern European language for the E.U. are a good option, on top of your two foreign languages.

(17 May '14, 02:50) Gaspar ♦♦

ISIT in Paris offers one. Details supplied by the school, and in FR (which is a requirement to study there) below

depuis l’an dernier l'ISIT propose 2 fois par an un séminaire de 3 jours intitulé « Découverte du métier d’interprète de conférence » animé par la Directrice de l'école Sarah Bordes. La prochaine édition est prévue du 18 au 20 juin.

Pour plus d’info : Inscriptions auprès de Nathalie Berardino :

There is also something like this at London Metropolitan (4 days, 700 GBP) Introduction to Conference Interpreting

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answered 19 May '14, 05:06

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Thanks, Andy.

Looks interesting, but... it's €1200 for a 3-day introduction. Does anybody know any less expensive option?


(19 May '14, 12:04) lucasgrijand...

Hi Lucas, slightly cheaper is my second answer, London Met. But it's still a fair bit of money. Still, it's peanuts compared to the cost of 1 or 2 years' study. The really cheap option is to buy this DVD The Whisperers - a journey into the world of interpreters

(19 May '14, 13:18) Andy

Hello! There is a cheaper version, taking place in England. The Cambridge Conference Interpretation Course ( has organized an "open day" for beginners or for people who wish to find out about interpreting. There is a limited number of places, and it would take place only if at least three people register.

The open day program (fee: 50 pounds, to cover costs) consists of one half-day, where beginners would attend a specific afternoon during the Course and observe a UN-style meeting in all Course working languages, interpreted by the students on the Course. After observing the meeting, and hearing the general feedback from the teaching faculty, beginners would then have a private session with the Course director, who would present interpreting as a profession and answer questions.

If you are interested, please see the website to contact the organizers directly.

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answered 12 Jul '14, 17:39

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There is also something like this at London Metropolitan (4 days, 700 GBP)

Introduction to Conference Interpreting

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answered 19 May '14, 13:16

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