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I´m trying to find practice materials for sight translation. What I´ve done so far is working on speech transcripts from Malala, Greta Thunberg, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Trump... I´m looking for something aimed at a beginner level (no court or medical texts). Do you know of any? Thanks in advance.

asked 09 May, 17:17

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Hey TARDIS_Terp,

I regularly do sight translations and am a great fan of the Press corner of the European Commission in the sense that most of the press releases are available in several languages. That means that after recording yourself while doing the sight translation, you can compare your interpretation with the official version in your target language. Here is the link to the website:

Moreover, I often use NATO-speeches which can be found on this website : It is a perfect resource to train your "belles tournures" as we say in French. I do not know what your language combination is, but there, you can find very often different versions i.e. English, French, Russian,... Here again - a perfect opportunity for comparison.

By the way, I believe those two training resources are a great way of keeping up-to-date with current topics.

I hope this helps you ! :)

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Gaspar ♦♦

Thank you @Interpreter1995! 😊😊😊 My working languages are ES (A)- EN(B) - PT(C) - GL(A) When I research a topic I like using parallel texts, so, having something to compare my doing with an official version is ideal; and the fact that they have current topics is a tremendous plus!

However, NATO´s website (the link you posted) shows a 404 message. How did you get to that section of the website? Because I´m guessing they have probably updated the URL.

Thank you so much!

(15 May, 11:22) TARDIS_Terp

Happy to help! :)

Considering your language combination, I am sure that you will find what you are looking for on the Commission's website !

With regard to NATO, you could try by clicking on this link and then go further to "Press Releases"/"Speeches and Transcripts" under "Newsroom".

What I also often do on this website is shadowing interpretations in my B language which means repeating what the interpreters say by progressively changing some words or trying to paraphrase. You can find many restitutions under "Audio" in the "Newsroom" section.

(15 May, 11:37) Interpreter1995
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