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I was wondering if it's possible and/or at all common for conference interpreters to work in both the private market in Paris and the agreements sector in Brussels. The two cities are so close to each other-- a few hours by car, or a bit over an hour by train-- that it seems like the logistics should be possible. What are the obstacles to doing this? Is it the difficulty of having accommodation in two cities? Is it hard to maintain both the B language you'd need for Paris along with the C languages you would need in Brussels? Is it hard to establish and market yourself in two different places? Is it the need to pick one city as a professional domicile, and does that make it hard to be recruited for work in other cities, even a nearby one? Is there enough work in either one of Paris/Brussels that interpreters don't feel the need to look for more work elsewhere?

I'm asking as an aspiring (eventual) conference interpreter, trying to understand the dynamics of the markets as I work on my languages and thinking about where I could work one day.

I know that various permutations of this question have been asked already (eg Brussels/Geneva), so I apologize in advance, but I didn't see anyone specifically discussing Paris/Brussels together, and since they're so close to each other I was wondering if that affects anything.

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Un domicile professionnel à Paris et des missions à Bruxelles, c'est jouable. Plus dans le giron du Parlement que celui du SCIC. Le second attache plus d'importance à réduire les coûts et s'efforce de recruter en priorité les domiciles bruxellois.

Qui dit Parlement dit aussi sessions de Strasbourg, où le gros de la troupe n'est pas local. La même pour la Cour à Luxembourg, même si le volume de travail est beaucoup plus modeste.

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