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Hi all,

has any of you ever taken language classes (one to one) when you already had an advanced level in your foreign language? (Let's say C1 level). With my current job I find it difficult to keep up my languages and I was thinking of this solution for my weakest language, but at the same time I don't know if it's actually worth it. Thank you all :)

asked 16 Jan, 17:50

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Hi Oasisxxx, if during your current job you find that your languages are slipping, you definitely need to do something to keep them up. The issue though is why you want to keep them up? Are you already interpreting, and finding that one language combination isn't being used at all? Are you an interpreter graduate who hasn't started interpreting yet, and found another job to pay the bills? Are you simply a language lover who finds that the non-language job you are doing is causing your existing languages to deteriorate? etc etc

If you are already interpreting, and find that one of your combinations isn't really getting used at all, think about your markets and will that language ever bring enough income to offset the investment in keeping it up? Will your classes cost, say, $500, and you won't ever get work in that language? Then no, I wouldn't bother with private classes.

If you are a graduate and have not yet had a lot of interpreting work, and you are seeing one or more of your language combinations disappear, you absolutely DO need to keep them up so that the first time you are hired isn't your last time. But a private language teacher may not be the way to go.

Chris Guichot de Fortis wrote an article on practicing for recent graduates who are worried about losing their abilities - not just with the languages but with their interpreting skills. You may find it here

If you are a non-interpreter, just wanting to keep up your languages for the love of language, a private teacher may be a good idea, as are book groups, Toastmasters clubs in various countries/languages, conversation groups, etc. Google them in your area.

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answered 30 Mar, 13:57

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Hi Julia, thank you very much for your answer. I'll explain my situation a bit better: I'm an interpreter and I work almost exclusively with English, but the fact is that I'd like to try (again...) the accreditation test one day, so I'd like to keep up my languages and I find that reading and podcasts become a bit monotonous after some time. Also, at the accreditation test, when you have a question after consec you're supposed to ask it in the language of the speaker, and I've lost my speaking skills a lot... that's why I'm looking for something new like a language teacher (or other ideas!) to speak the language and to be exposed to different material than I usually expose myself to.

(11 Apr, 05:26) Oasisxxx

Hi Oasisxxx, Absolutely, I have taken classes and workshops to improve or add languages. If you are already advanced and need practice, try Coursera classes in the language you want to work on, or from that country. Prior to my MACI entrance exams I also did find a language tutor in my weakest language and explained what I needed to work on. He was a huge help, I passed my exams, and that language is also no longer my weakest link :)

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answered 04 Apr, 09:51

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thank you very much and congratulations on your achievement :)

(11 Apr, 05:27) Oasisxxx
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