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Do you know of the viability of such a combination ?

What would you suppose of the viability of such an option ?

Do you know anyone working as an interpreter with Persian language ? Or have you heard such thing ? Or do you have friends who have friends who work with Persian ?

Are there any schools teaching Persian ? In particular ESIT and/or ISIT ?

I've always dreamed of become interpreter, but for now I'm only 22, I'll do other things in my life before. And I fell in love with Iran and the Persian language and am currently learning it while living in Iran, so being able to be an interpreter with Persian would be ...

I was wondering if there were some new stuff or updates on the persian topic ...

Les réponses en français sont aussi les bienvennues.

Thank you !!!


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ISIT teaches and has taught Farsi (Persian) over the years. So there are teachers and therefore interpreters with Farsi. Outside Iran it is of course a small market. And I would guess that much of the work is whispered interpreting, liaison or consecutive rather than in a booth. There was an American woman in my FR into EN classes a few years back at ISIT and she also had Farsi in her combination and graduated with that in her combination. She got work as an interpreter for a major international aid organisation working with refugees in Iran/Afghanistan.

Farsi is also a market that requires interpreters work in both directions, so if you are a native French or English speaker then you will need a Persian B, which is no mean feat.

If you're in Iran maybe you could contact the interpreters' association there for more info

Iranian Translators & Interpreters Association (ITIA) First Floor, Saray-e Ghoba Building, Ziba St., North Zomorrod St., Golnabi St., First Pasdaran St., Tehran Tel +98 21 22876100, +98 21 22899422 Cell +98 9122144526 Website: Email:

Good luck!

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Wow thank you so much Andy, your answer and help is very precious to me.


(01 Nov, 07:27) Thomas
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