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There is an app for that has become something of a cliche. Still it is relieving to know that there are probably some PC/MAC/iOS/Android apps that can help students improve their interpreting skills. These apps do not necessarily have to be developed for training interpreting students but might still be useful when used in ways the developers probably did not imagine. Could you share any app recommendations that might be useful for students studying interpreting?

asked 27 Mar '14, 19:33

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Not very original nor really interpreting-specific... but maybe of some help.

I found the following Android apps useful:

  • TapeMachine - for recording. With this app, my smartphone is a better voice recorder than my voice recording device.

  • ColorDict - for off-line dictonaries. The interface is clear and allows me to find words really quickly, even during an interpretation exercise (provided that I have a comprehensive dictionary file installed).

  • PodcastAddict - my personal favorite for listening to podcasts, with good rewinding/fastforwarding/pausing options.

  • QuickDic - a pretty decent off-line dictionary that uses Wiktionary databases. Not my first choice but definitely usable in the case of the languages for which I haven't found anything better.

  • Ankidroid - for vocabulary cramming, synced with the PC version of the software.

My PC choices are not very original either. Apart from the above-mentioned Anki:

  • Audacity for making recordings.

  • IVONA Text-to-Speech for making drills (practicing the interpretation of numbers - maybe not very 'natural' but still quite helpful).

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answered 28 Mar '14, 16:50

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Thanks, this is a very useful list. I like Audacity and IVONA too

(28 Mar '14, 18:14) dilsayar

You can use Audacity to record your simul on 2 tracks: the original and the interpretation. If will help you among other things evaluate decalage

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answered 03 Dec '15, 23:22

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Cyril Flerov

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