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Does anyone happen to know if a French A from France stands a chance to work in the French booth in Canada? It would make sense that French Canadians would like to hear a Quebecois accent, and not a Parisian one... I assume that English would be less of an issue (British vs NA), but maybe not.

To further complicate things, there are at least two large markets in Canada: the government-related market (where Quebecois could be de rigueur?), and the international market (where Parisian French could be acceptable?).

Thank you for enlightening me


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Vincent Buck

Dear Guillaume

I have never worked as an interpreter in Canada myself but about a year ago I talked with the director of the Master of conference interpreting at Glendon about working for the government in Canada. According to him having a “Parisian” accent was not an issue. Although you would obviously have to get accustomed to the Quebec accent.

But things might have changed so I would advised you to get in touch with people at Glendon, they are very helpful and they would be able to give you more accurate and updated information.

By the way, I was also told that there are some conditions to be eligible to work for the government (like having family members living in Canada if I am not mistaken). So you might want to have a look into that as well.

Hope it helps!

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answered 07 Mar '14, 06:18

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Camille Collard

Hi Camille,

Thank you for your answer. Actually I'm not planning on working in Canada, I was asking this question out of curiosity. So a French accent is no issue for the Government of Canada. How about the private market?


(09 Mar '14, 12:48) GuillaumeF

I know European colleagues (both English and French As) who have worked successfully in Canada for years. I would guess that as long as you're comprehensible, you shouldn't have any problems.

(10 Mar '14, 05:33) Jonathan
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