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What 2-3 books did you find most helpful in your studies and/or practice of interpreting? And why? The question is not limited by mode or type of interpreting; dialogue/consecutive/simultaneous and escort/court/conference/etc. are all in play. But please do limit your response to two or three books, even if others have mentioned them before you.

asked 01 Sep '13, 23:34

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Hi Luigi,

Here's my top 3:

  • Roderick Jones' "Conference Interpreting Explained" (my favorite book so far on conference interpreting!!)
  • Jean-François Rozan's "La Prise de Notes en Interpétation Consécutive"
  • Andrew Gillies' "Note-Taking for Consecutive Interpreting - A Short Course"

Roderick Jones' book just opened my eyes as to how a conference interpreter works. And it's extremely well-written at that too. I was very lucky to have come across his book right at the beginning of my studies. It's a real eyeopener if you ask me! :)

The other two books have proven invaluable in improving my note-taking technique. All in all, these three books helped me understand better what my instructors were trying to teach me during my first year. But I certainly wouldn't want to have my instructors replaced and only rely on books. There is no substitute for a good teacher.

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answered 02 Sep '13, 04:24

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edited 02 Sep '13, 08:36

J'ai découvert (tardivement) l'excellent ouvrage, qui n'a pas encore été cité ici : Pédagogie raisonnée de l'interprétation (Danica Seleskovitch, Marianne Lederer) dont la version .pdf est téléchargeable gratuitement.

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answered 14 Oct '14, 09:30

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Gaspar ♦♦

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As Annie mentioned, Rozan's book 'La prise de note en interprétation consécutive' was quite useful for note-taking techniques, even my teachers recomended it. For simultaneous and consecutive interpreting I would suggest 'Conference Interpreting: A Student's Practice Book' by A. Gillies, good advices and exercices.

Someone asked almost the same question on proZ, the answers might interest you as well:

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answered 02 Sep '13, 12:51

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Hi Clara. Thanks for your response. I would like to clarify that I am not asking for recommendations (as the proz post does) but for opinions: what helped the most and why?

(02 Sep '13, 12:58) Luigi

Hi Luigi :-), I'm afraid that I'm unable for the time being to provide exact references - a colleague has recently borrowed a lot of my books, including these three - but should you need them, I'll get them for you ASAP:

D. Seleskovitch, one of her "lil' red books" ("langues et mémoire etc"?) the one with inter alia my 1st original+transcription of consecutive+interviews with the interpreters, from which I learned a great deal;

Laura Gran + Dodds, a book of minutes from a conference (back from when they were few and far between) in Trieste on the theory and practice of teaching CI, with illuminating insights into a variety of subjects, namely neurolinguistics and some more pedestrian ones as well, which all helped me help myself and others;

Daniel Gile's seminal effort model in "basic concepts and models" (?) whose reading was accompanied by many a "aHA!" of mine, as his sunshine pierced through some of my mist :-).

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answered 02 Sep '13, 21:41

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Hi, MSR, I also like Daniel Gile's book, "basic concepts and models", and I feel it is quite useful. :-)

(02 Sep '13, 23:21) Paris Si de ...

Perhaps 1. Danica Seleskovitch, Langage, Langues et mémoire, étude de la prise de notes en interprétation consécutive. 2. Laura Gran & John M. Dodds, The Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Teaching Conference Interpretation. 3. Daniel Gile, Basic Concepts and Models for Interpreter and Translator Training.

(03 Sep '13, 00:29) Luigi

yes indeed, many thanks, Luigi :-)

(04 Sep '13, 13:02) msr

Kevin Lin's Field Interpreting (林超伦 is the author's Chinese name) is quite popular here in China.

Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press ( also publishes a good one called Challenging Interpreting: A Coursebook of Interpreting Skills.

I live near a bookstore that carries both if anyone needs an international shipment! :)

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answered 27 Jun '14, 12:53

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I always recommend "Conference Interpreting: Principles and Practice" by Valerie Taylor- Bouladon. Very decent book and is not mentioned as often as it should be.

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answered 11 Sep '13, 00:46

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Cyril Flerov

Interpreting for International Conferences by Danica Seleskovitch, especially for its stress on "analysis which reduces language to the meaning of its message". This image alone took me a long way in my studies.

Conference Interpreting Explained by Roderick Jones, especially for its excellent overview of consecutive.

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answered 27 Feb '14, 12:19

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If you work with Italian (but not only), here is one of the seminal books I used at university: "Interpretazione simultanea e consecutiva. Problemi teorici e metodologie didattiche", Falbo C., Russo M., Straniero Sergio F. (eds.), Hoepli, 1999.

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answered 02 Mar '14, 11:37

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Italian readers should try to dig up Claudia Monacelli's excellent book "Messaggi in codice" about consecutive note-taking.

(28 Jun '14, 05:56) Andy
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