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A client would like me to give him some tips for the speakers at his conference.

Do you have specific suggestions? Or should they just speak normally?

asked 03 Nov '11, 13:56

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Vincent Buck

Here is a list of links which gather many tips together:

  1. Tips for speakers by the SCIC. The best thing of this page is that you can change the language to all of the 24 languages in the EU, so that you can forward these tips to many international customers. You'll also find a neat PDF file to print out and clandestinely leave on the speaker's table :-)
  2. Here are some short guidelines for speakers.
  3. This is also a very nice article.
  4. And last but not least, a picture is worth more than a thousand words. And this video is probably worth more than a million words!
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answered 03 Nov '11, 15:03

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One important piece of advice for all speakers: in any public speaking event, the speaker's subjective perception of their speed of delivery is invariably slower than that of the listeners'. Especially when speaking a language not their own, speakers tend to think that if they manage to speak fluently, they'll sound convincing, and they often mistakenly equate fluent with fast. What takes real guts is to be silent for a few seconds before an audience - but it pays off!

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answered 03 Nov '11, 18:36

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At a training session, I had to deliver a 10 min speech on a randomly selected subject, with no preparation whatsoever. I was speaking at a speed that seemed slow and natural to me, as I had to think before speaking. When the session ended, my colleagues wanted to kill me. In their perception, I was way over the speed limit. When I get frustrated by a fast speaker, I always remember that. Let the one who is without sins cast the first stone..

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answered 24 Jan '12, 16:14

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+1 for quoting the bible. ;-)

(25 Jan '12, 09:37) Angela

Thanks for endorsing my view of the speaker's subjective perception of speed!

(27 Jan '12, 15:20) Sirpa

Thank you all for an enlightening debate. The links you have included are fantastic. Nonetheless, I would tell speakers to make sure that they and the people in the audience with whom they interact always use the mike. It happens that the speaker says something and may get interrupted by someone in the audience and a lively debate ensues... and the interpreters are not aware of what is going on. It pays to go over that issue with the speaker or with the organizer.

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answered 08 Feb '12, 13:09

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answered 02 Sep '16, 03:28

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