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Working on improving my French C, I am always happy to find interesting podcasts, websites, newspapers etc. as well as recordings of conferences and speeches I could use for training purposes.

Would you recommend some resources that you particularly enjoy or find very useful for conference interpreters with French C or those wanting to add it? I think I am not the only one who could use some good ideas. Maybe it would make sense to turn the question into a community wiki?

Personally, I am looking especially for media about the EU matters but I will appreciate any recommendations and inspirations, including those going beyond news/politics/economics.

My current choices (fairly usual but maybe someone will find that helpful): Le Figaro, Le Monde, Courrier international, Alternatives économiques, TV5 Monde, RFI, RTBF, France24, France Info, France Inter, Europe1 (recommendations for specific podcasts are more than welcome, chances are I miss some of the best ones).

asked 21 Aug '13, 17:55

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There is already a question like this: See And scroll down to "ALL LANGUAGES". Feel free to add there more! It is a community wiki!

(22 Aug '13, 07:13) Delete ♦

Nacho, that thread (which I love and come back to regularly) is not quite what I am looking for (French-language media, especially about the EU matters). Maybe I was not clear enough in my question. If this helped, I could remove the "training" part of it. I hope asking for such resources (useful for conference interpreters/trainees) does not go beyond the scope of this website.

(22 Aug '13, 07:31) Joanna

Is there any chance to re-open this thread?

Andy, your tips are great.

(21 Sep '13, 11:28) Joanna

I agree Joanna, listening to interesting stuff and practice material are 2 different things. Please dear moderators reinstate this question!

To be going on with... try the following in French

College de France (very high level univ lectures)|p=../podcasts/index.htm| (excerpts of literature read to you - podcasts at the bottom of the page)

L'invite de RTL (current affairs interviews)

RFI Afrique (for news about things that don't make the news in Europe and in a slightly different French accent) feed://


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answered 27 Aug '13, 03:06

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as well as recordings of conferences and speeches I could use for training purposes.

Have a look here: recorded-conferences-or-presentations-for-practising-simultaneous-interpretation ;-)

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answered 22 Aug '13, 01:41

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That's my Bible :)

(22 Aug '13, 05:29) Joanna
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