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Je lis que les "marchés" principaux des interpètes FR<>ENG sont Paris, Bruxelles, Washington et le Canada.

Qu'en est-il du Royaume-Uni et de Londres en particulier ?

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Fr<>En is the one language combination that you can work with all over the world, Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, and if in combination with the local language, then in any country in the world. So there is work.

OTOH, you also need to be able to make a living while doing that work. The answer about En<>It in London gives you a good idea of what any foreign language market in London is like. Very few interpreters take the time to find and work with private clients as the agencies seem to reign -which is not to say that there isn’t a market for direct clients, but you would have to be a good marketer.

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If you're a novice to marketing and interpreting you can find Facebook groups on "Marketing for translators and interpreters" and there is a book on just this by Jenner & Jenner The Entrepreneurial Linguist

(24 Jan '18, 08:16) Andy

The majority of CI assignments in the UK tend to be in London, for obvious reasons. However, London is also prohibitively expensive and I would not recommend moving there without a regular income, at least to start with - unless you already live there!

The amount of CI assignments has also dramatically decreased over the last few years. This is due to a variety of reasons, including the 2008 economic crisis and the annoying habit Italians have to think they can understand/speak English (when they actually can't, see Matteo Renzi's performances in public). The UK market is highly deregulated, which means interpreting agencies often offer peanuts even when they expect you to work for decent clients. Some 'colleagues' - if you can call them that - undermine the market, too. You will find interpreters working for £200 a day in London (remember you'll have to pay taxes on that, too), which is an insult to the profession.


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