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I would like to activate/polish my English. My mother tongue is Spanish and live in Berlin. I know that the best way to activate a language is to move to that country, but that is not possible right now. Is there any course being organised in Europe, preferably anywhere in Germany, Madrid or Barcelona? If not, maybe in the USA?

I'm thinking of an intensive 1-week course or a maximum of 4 weeks.


asked 13 Oct '11, 18:05

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This is not related to this question but since I could not find a way to message Nacho, I decided to write here. I see that question is closed for being a duplicate of this question Though they are similar, I think they are different in essence because the first question is only about simultaneous interpreting while the latter is about interpreting quality assessment in general. I acknowledge that there are overlapping assessment measures but I think it is better to have a separate question on simultaneous interpreting quality evaluation criteria as I think it has a different context and its specific conditions and criteria.

(17 May '12, 19:02) dilsayar

The Cambridge Conference Interpretation course is a good option. It's run by Christopher Guichot de Fortis, staff interpreter at NATO. The next session will take place from the 19 August till 31 August 2012.

You can find all the information clicking on the following link:

Good luck!

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answered 16 Oct '11, 09:28

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Thanks for the shout out, Marta, though the dates for this year are Aug 3-15, and will be Aug 2-14 in 2015.

(13 Jul '14, 19:51) JuliaP

Nacho, over at Bootheando there is a post on summer interpreting courses. As well as the (very prestigious) Cambridge course, Edinburgh's Heriot Watt University offers a course on English and Spanish interpreting for professionals in August (during the Festival, so it's a great time to visit Auld Reekie.)

You can read the post here: Bootheando: Cursos de verano para intérpretes

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answered 18 May '12, 07:39

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Hello Nacho,

The deadline is over but eventually you can try and see if they would still take you. The target group is rather English A students/interpreters but for practice it would be great. Maybe you already saw it on

University of Bath, Simultaneous Interpretation Course, June 2012

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answered 18 May '12, 13:14

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I have previously given an intensive week-long S-E "English B" workshop in Frankfurt and would be glad to teach one in Berlin if you and a few other colleagues would like one. If you are interested, I can tell you how to arrange it. Regards, James Nolan - / alt text

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answered 13 Jul '14, 11:08

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