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Are there any standards that I could share with my clients regarding interpretation booths at conferences?

asked 02 Nov '11, 15:18

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Marta Piera ...

It would actually be very helpful if we as interpreters got more involved in the design of permanent booths of conference centres of any sort because it seems that some architects have never heard of the standards for interpreters' booths. So whenever we hear or read about a conference centre to be built near our professional address, we should either try to offer our help and tell the builder-owner about what interpreters need with respect to the design of the booths or inform the AIIC Technical Committee about the building project so they can offer their assistance.

Thus we might be able to avoid having to work in fancy glass booths where the room climate and the acoustics are really no good, or where we have to sit on high chairs that cannot be moved with our legs dangling in mid-air, or we could see to it that proper lamps are built into the booths and we have sufficient electric sockets in the booth - not to mention good visibility, air supply, emergency routes, safe access, coat racks ...

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answered 24 May '12, 18:16

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Designing and Building Booths for Simultaneous Interpretation

In the right hand column, you'll find a very comprehensive pdf-document with pictures for architects. The article and the pdf-document are in English, German and Spanish.

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answered 03 Nov '11, 03:33

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I know it is impossible for providers of conference technology and booths to bring along height-adjustable chairs for interpreters since they have enough trouble fitting all the interpreting euipment and the booth walls into their vans as it is, BUT, whenever possible, e.g. a conference takes place in an office building and many of the participants have their offices fairly close to the conference rooms, it would be wonderful if an effort could be made to bring some of these chairs to the booths and return them after the conference.

Having a small waste-bin in the booth or at least near the booth would also be much appreciated.

....apart from that, of course, hammocks to sleep in and shutters to be let down during breaks... ;-)

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answered 05 May '12, 23:04

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...and my personal bug-bear: some sort of protuberance where one may hang one's coat, please!:-) One of these days I'll get round to having a design of mine actually manufactured and I'll sign the patent off to aiic ;-)

(05 May '12, 23:59) msr

There's ISO 2603 on fixed booths and ISO 4043 on mobile booths. Go to the AIIC website to find out more about them. Is your client about to organise a conference with simultaneous interpretation or constructing a building to be fitted with booths?

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answered 02 Nov '11, 17:55

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1.7k131739 I found out the hard way (after having convinced our local standards body to adopt a PT version of both ISO standards for fixed and mobile booth - an occasion we used to involve the local non-aiic CI association, inasmuch as the issue was of obvious general concern) unless you manage to have a local standard-compliance body set up a certification procedure for mobile booths and/or include fixed ones in licensing procedures, just having standards available does not deliver all of their potential. I'm afraid we were unable to do the latter and therefore our local standards remain a very useful information/education tool but one sadly devoid of "teeth"... :-(

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answered 06 May '12, 10:28

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